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Yes! Go here to choose a plan that’s right for you. Continue with the enrollment and you will be prompted to choose a start date which can be 60 days in advance.
Yes, we make moving easy. Once you set up service at your new address, we will give you a new Account Number. When you log in to My Account you will have two Account Numbers to choose from so you can see the history of your previous account as well as details for your new account.
We will transfer Paperless Billing to your new account, but you will need to re-enroll in Auto Pay. There are two ways to do that. Go to ‘Preferences’ in My Account or contact a customer care agent.
Usually the deposit will transfer but there are some reasons it wouldn’t. Contact our customer care for details pertaining to your situation.
While Power of Texas does not charge for transfers, you will see a move-in charge from your utility company on the bill. If a permit is required another fee could be assessed. Those are both passed through directly to you with no mark-up from us. You are also responsible for any outstanding balances on your current account.
Due to things beyond our control, we cannot guarantee a specific stop date. Keep in mind that you will be charged for usage until your stop date. Turn off all appliances you don’t need to conserve energy.
Yes, no problem. Email customer care with any questions.
You need to make sure the service gets moved to your name to avoid the possibility of not having electricity. Remember if the previous customer has scheduled a move out, the lights will go out when that processes. You run the risk of being powerless for up to three business days. Give us a call at 888.500.8348 and we’ll take care of it.
We make it easy to transfer service. If you’re within a deregulated area of Texas without a co-op our customer care team can help. Give us a call at 888.500.8348 and we’ll get you transferred.
Your bill amount depends on your usage, your rate, weather, energy efficiency appliances in your home and other factors. You can see how energy usage isn’t the same for every customer which makes it tough to predict. If you have specific questions about our service or how our bill is outlined, give us a call at 888.500.8348. We’re happy to walk through any of it with you. 

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