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Eco Thanksgiving: 7 Ways To Make Your Turkey Day Green

Author: POTX

Date: November 21, 2018

Thanksgiving tablesetting with pine tree and nuts
In the chaos of the holiday season, making eco-friendly choices isn’t always top of mind. Make your holiday a little greener this year with our simple, eco-friendly Thanksgiving tips

1. Use your nice dishes.

Yes, the ones you got at your wedding. It’s time to break ‘em out. Bring out the cloth napkins, too. Not only will they look and feel luxurious for the holiday, but you’ll also cut back on excess waste.

2. Plan your baking strategically.

If possible, cook multiple dishes in the oven at the same time to save on energy use.

3. Buy local, sustainable ingredients.

Visit your local butcher and reserve a turkey (usually you need to do this a week ahead of time), and buy your produce from your local farmers market. 

4. Spruce up your home.

Use natural DIY decorations like pinecones, gourds, branches, and leaves.

5. Have a plan to reuse leftovers.

Go one step further and provide reusable containers for guests to bring excess food home.

6. Compost food scraps.

Couple that with uneaten leftovers to use in the garden. Avoid composting meat and dairy products.

7. Put together a carpool.

If you’re driving to someone’s house on Thanksgiving, try riding with other guests and reduce your carbon footprint.

Power of Texas wishes all Texans a happy and green Thanksgiving! Learn more about how you can help keep Texas green.


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